22 May

I have some extra fresh pineapple this week. I might have this with a cream cheese frosting


I made these cupcakes for my mothers birthday. They were a huge hit, and I am requested to make them again for every birthday now.

1. I used a regular Chocolate chip cupcake mix and made the cupcakes as the box told me to. However, to get the most moist cupcake, set your time for 5-8 minutes earlier than they call for. So if they say it will take 18 minutes, set your timer for 13 and check with a toothpick. I can’t stress this enough! My mom always overcooks her cupcakes, and this is the problem.
2. Let the cupcakes cool. You want them to be fully cooled before doing anything else.
3. I used half of the first bag of Reeses minis, chopped them up finely. After, I cut the rest of the minis 1 1/2 bags into halves. Then, put all of it in the refrigerator…

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