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16 Mar

This whole Blog world is very new to me. I love writing and I love sharing my opinions and experiences, especially when it comes to playing around in the kitchen. I don’t know what the beginning was like for anyone else but I find myself going through dozens of blogs everyday looking for recipes to try, a new food to taste, or a herb or seasoning to track down in the grocery store. Who has time to write when you are finding so much to read?

Since I joined this “community”, I have tried my own versions of pop-tarts, homemade vanilla, creamy Popsicle, twice baked potatoes, and savory scones. All of these were recipes from your blogs, and all of these were delicious treats or useful additions that I have never tried before, so thank you!

I have learned to accept something I have known about myself for a long time. I don’t like to follow instructions. Even when I am assembling a toy or a piece of furniture, before I even finish the instructions, I am trying to figure out an easier way to do it-or I am deciding that I should have some one else put it together. Now, this is clearly not okay. I am fully aware that it is a flaw. But the cool thing is, I have a compromise when it comes to cooking. I don’t look for things to be easy when it comes to cooking because I enjoy the process. I just look for ways that I might like it better-or in some instances, I try to make it more suitable for my kids. But I share the original recipe so that people can do their own thing with it. That way no one has to read paragraph on top of paragraph on how to make…I don’t know….toast. You can have the blue print and I will share my changes after.

For some of you who have been cooking and blogging forever, this is probably a “duh” moment for you. But I really struggled with another funny fact. I hate to measure. When people ask me for recipes I have to search for one for them. Otherwise my instinct explain it to them in a way that frees them from strict instructions takes over. In written form these explanations/recipes look so long and aren’t easy to follow while your cooking. It really bothered me that I would email a novel on making mango chicken and had no idea what portion or amount to tell them to use.” I don’t know put as many mangos as you like in there……I really like coriander so yeah, I would say 3-4 table spoons.”  Once you have something down to your science it is what it is and I am okay with that. I look at recipes as a guideline now and I feel not an ounce of guilt.

Anyway, I am having fun so far with this little adventure. I probably sound like a very naive and green student but oh well.

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