Well, hello there.

17 Jan

About me:

I started this blog, mostly to talk about food. I love cooking and when I actually grow up, I would like to have a catering business or a restaurant. My curiosity, ‘greediness’ and desire to cook has been pretty strong in the past year. I realized that it is my favorite thing to do. More than playing volleyball, more than singing karaoke, DEFINITELY more than the current job I have now and more than…NOT COOKING.

What to expect from Delorespearl:

I love sharing recipes, ideas, and my experiences with different foods, and restaurants. So I guess you can expect a conversation about where I’ve been, what I’ve tasted, and what I bombed or “smashed” in the kitchen. I don’t go out to eat often so I’d rather dine at a less comercial restaurant-usually somewhere I’ve heard or read about.

One of my goals this year is to take some cooking classes and make moves towards my long term business goals. So hopefully I can share all of these experiences and someone out there will enjoy the read.

Oh yeah! I have two munchkins who are very opinionated about food too! My daughter is 10 and my son is 3 so I am certain that a pick eater and a greedy eater will contribute to my writing as well.

Umm…what’s a Delores Pearl?

That’s definietly a long story for a different entry. Short version- Delores and Pearl are two of the first women to inspire me to love food…they fed me great comfort food all the time!! My future first business venture, and also this blog will hopefully honor them and the way they affected the lives of others.

Are you done yet?

yeah that is all 😉




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